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to the homepage of Paula Brook, textile and interior designer and the creator of high quality design products.

I create charming handicraft compositions for interior decoration. The combining element in each peace of work is three-dimensionality and the liveliness of the materials. This combination creates a fascinating complex.

Colors play a remarkable role when a certain atmosphere and balance is desired in interiors. I would love to help You to find an individual solution for Your home or corporation.

The handicrafts presented on my page are available by request in different colors, shapes and sizes.

The main material in my works is birch. For painting I use artist grade paint for great light resistance.

For paper string compositions I use high quality paper string and metal meshes.

For mixed compositions the main material is birch and several paper techniques. In each piece of work the surface is hard-coated with special substances.

Portraits are framed in professional art boutiques.

Sincerely yours,